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Repairability is the Key

Repairability is the key to getting the most value from your investment in industrial inkjet printing equipment.

InDUSTrial Environment:

Industrial environments are, by nature, harsh to inkjet printers.  The orifice of most inkjet printers are smaller than a human hair so it is easy to see why airborne debris like paper dust or glue strands could easily clog a printhead.  Add to this things like water, excessive humidity and even airborne products like spices or flour and it is seems nearly inevitable that something will clog your printhead.  That is why Trident designs rugged inkjet printheads that are repairable and can be cleaned of debris.

Why Repair?

High performance industrial inkjet printers are not a small investment.  They can cost as little as $5000 or can cost over $100,000 depending on the application.  Clearly, when an investment like this is made you want it to last for a long time.

The most rugged industrial inkjet printheads are made from solid but often expensive materials such as stainless steel or high-tech plastics.  This makes repairability a key factor to minimize the total cost of ownership over the long life of the printhead.

Repairing Trident Printheads:

Trident trains licensed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the processes necessary to effectively repair and even completely refurbish a Trident printhead by replacing damaged components. 

What about disposable printheads?

In some applications, disposable printheads work well.  For example, in the office or desktop environment where users do not closely manage the cost per image or cost per page.  In the industrial printing applications, however, the cost per image and total running costs can be critical to the success of the business.  The cost of replacing printheads adds up quickly when they become clogged by dust or other industrial environmental contaminates.  After buying a few "disposable" printheads and it quickly becomes clear why repairability is the way to go for truly cost effective industrial printing.

More information:

For additional information on the repair of Trident printheads or repairability in general, please contact a licensed Trident-Powered OEM or contact Trident via this web site.  Trident-licensed OEMs are experts in the industrial printing application served by their systems.

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