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Total Cost of Ownership

Ink jet printing of barcodes, graphics and text directly onto packages has several noteworthy benefits over alternative packaging solutions.

Trident helps companies reduce their Total Cost or Ownership (TCO) through our unique technologies that reduce downtime and waste as well as maintain a greater overall quality output.

What is TCO?
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) factors in all the elements required to keep an inkjet printing systems running within acceptable limits of quality and efficiency. These factors are initial cost of the unit, cost of ink, amount of ink used, and amount of wasted ink during cleaning as well as maintenance, loss of productivity, and loss of revenue during downtime.

The Three Keys to Reducing TCO
1.) Minimize Downtime
Downtime on the package printing line leads to significant revenue loss. For example, a factory with fully burdened overhead of $40 / hour that experiences just 10 minutes print system downtime per day loses over $2,000 per year in labor costs. In order to avoid such losses, look for a print system that features a printhead with a durable, repairable industrial design and automatic self maintenance technology.

2.) Minimize Parts Replacement
Cheap, disposability may look like a cost saving measure, but this can be a trap to raising your TCO. Schedule preventive maintenance helps avoid costly unexpected downtime that comes with replacing disposable printheads.

3.) Maintain High Print Quality
Quality is vital in applying barcodes, text, and graphics. A degradation in quality can degrade a brand and affect sales. For example, large retail chains penalize suppliers for unreadable barcodes. Maintain high quality is essential to maintaining a low TCO.

What is Automatic Maintenance?
Many Trident® printheads include an Automatic Maintenance Module™ (AMM™) feature.  Automatic maintenance involves priming printheads by routinely flushing out debris that may clog a printing orifice. Trident has confirmed that by eliminating the labor and material costs associated with manual printhead priming, automatic maintenance systems minimize TCO. This feature simultaneously enhances printhead durability and reliability, which, in turn, minimizes printhead replacement costs.

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