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This Trident Resource Center provides information related to the use of inkjet technology for industrial applications for the beginner through the inkjet expert!

Repairability = Key to Industrial Printing

Repairability is the key to getting the most value from an investment in industrial inkjet printing equipment and Trident has designed its printheads to be repairable.

Case Studies

Case studies allow us to learn from the actual experiences of others in the field. The following case studies are provided for information purposes and additional information can be obtained by contacting Trident.

History of Bar Codes

The development and impact of scanners and bar codes over the past 30 years
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Total Cost of Ownership

Many factors beyond initial purchase price figure into the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for industrial inkjet printers.

Industry Associations

Industrial Inkjet is used in or related to a wide range of markets, applications and businesses. Trident supports and encourages membership in many such associations.

Inkjet Related Publications

Packaging, Mailing, Materials and General Printing publications with a connection to Industrial Inkjet technology.

Industry Websites

As part of the Industrial Inkjet industry, Trident provides other industry links as a resource to visitors.

Packaging Schools

Trident strongly believes in providing educational resources and opportunities for the application of inkjet technology within the packaging industry.

Glossary of Terms used in the Inkjet Industry

The inkjet industry has a number of terms that are unique to inkjet as well as many adapted from other areas.

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