Trident Industrial Inkjet

Trident's 256Jet-S™ Printhead

is designed for precision dispensing of printable electronic materials offering the ability to print across a 4" area with a single printhead.


The technology behind the 256Jet-S utilizes a vertical array of256 nozzles in 256 controllable channels to provide high resolution and individual channel voltage control to achieve control of resulting drop volume to within +-2% (with precision nozzle plate).


256Jet-S™ incorporates an inert, stainless steel design with ability to jet acidic or alkaline fluids.


The 256Jet-S can be serviced by removing the nozzle plate and using ultrasonication. This extends printhead life and minimizes printhead replacement costs.


Trident's 256Jet-S printhead comes with a one year warranty against irreparable failure.

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Trident Industrial Inkjet
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