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Trident Industrial Inkjet Printheads


Printheads are available in a range of orifice configurations according to the desired print height and resolution for your high resolution printer. Multiple orifices per channel increase the print area without added cost and complexity.


With inkjet printhead orifices smaller than a human hair, extremely low volume droplets are produced. As a result, the high resolution inkjet printer's ink efficiency is superior to that of competitive printing technologies.


Being able to repair Trident printheads saves users money when compared to higher replacement costs for disposable or irreparable printheads. The diagram below shows how the UltraJet II printhead is constructed for easy repair.


In general, Trident printheads are built for industrial printing high resolution applications and designed to provide a lower overall total cost of ownership.


Trident has inkjet printer products that are custom designed for maximum adaptability to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems which minimizes their development and production costs.


Contact a Trident representative for more information on the Trident printhead that would best fit your industrial printing application.


We offer the following selection of printheads. Click on each to find out more information about the printheads.

Trident Industrial Inkjet

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