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Trident's Industrial Inks

Trident's industrial inkjet inks have been designed and tested to work with each component and all materials that Trident builds into the printheads.

Trident carefully designs and manufactures inkjet inks to the high standards required by industrial printing applications. Trident's patented inkjet technology forms high definition images with micro-droplets of ink, which travel across a small gap through the air to the printed surface. The micro-droplets of ink are ejected from orifices smaller than a human hair, at frequencies of up to 15,000 drops per second from each orifice. Any variability in the quality of the ink could result in missed or incomplete images, which is why Trident maintains such high standards.


Ink compatibility is critical to the operation of Trident printheads. Inks typically have primary and secondary solvents, all of which must be compatible with the components of a printhead. Incompatible solvents can attack, corrode and otherwise damage elements of the printhead. This can cause inconsistent operation of the printhead, poor print quality, reduced frequency response, reduced print rate or actual breakdown.

Quality Parameters:

Particulate and moisture content have direct bearing on flow and clogging. Trident inks are highly filtered, which results in very low particulate content. This is of critical importance to proper operation of Trident printheads.

Trident's Ink Characteristics:

Patented Delivery Systems
- Functional, patented reservoir and bottle
- Mini Ink Supply Subsystem with cartridge

Non-Hazardous. Contact Trident for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each particular ink.

Drying Time:
Varies depending on Trident ink selected.
Less than 0.5 seconds on porous substrates. Approximately 10 seconds on non-porous substrates.

Shelf Life:
Most Trident inks are shelf stable for at least one year at room temperature.

Printhead Warranty:
Trident's inks meet all the requirements for performance with Trident printheads and support full printhead warranty coverage.

Use of incompatible inks could damage the printhead and void the printhead warranty.

Trident Industrial Inkjet

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