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Trident's extensive experience designing printheads and formulating inks means that they are uniquely qualified to create successful custom components of inkjet printers,  printheads, inks, and subsystems.

Combine this with years of manufacturing experience and a wide range of industrial printing applications and it is easy to see how Trident is able to provide custom-designed products specifically matched to a customer's specifications.

Why Trident?

Why is Trident the best choice for application-specific or customer-specific industrial inkjet printing solutions?
Two reasons: Reliable piezoelectric inkjet technology and repairable modular components that can be quickly adapted to meet a customer's needs.


Trident has proven that their piezoelectric inkjet technology can last for billions of firings without failure and even offers a three year warranty on its newest standard products. If you want a custom inkjet printhead, doesn't it make sense to start with one of the most reliable?

Modular Component Construction:

The same repairable design with easily replaceable modular components that has made Trident a successful industrial inkjet printing technology is why Trident printheads can be quickly adapted to meet a customer's needs. The picture is an example of the components that make up Trident's UltraJet II printhead and it is easy to see how it can be easily assembled and disassembled as needed.


For more information on Trident's custom product development process, please contact a Trident representative using the link on this page or by emailing Trident at

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