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Technology represents new, cost-effective alternative for displaying information on non-porous packages

(May 12, 2011) Connecticut, USA. – Trident Industrial Inkjet ( announces the global launch of their innovative, new 384JetNP printhead and AllWriteA5000 ink. Together, the new inkjet technologies provide safe, high-quality, fast-drying performance and represent a new alternative for cost-effectively displaying graphics, alphanumerics and bar codes on non-porous packaging such as coated-corrugated and shrink wrapped tray packs.

The new technology is ideally suited for printing on non-porous packaging materials for a variety of food, beverage, wine, personal care, medical and nutraceutical applications.

The 384JetNP printhead provides high-quality printing of graphics and alphanumerics and consistently readable bar codes (including code 128 and ITF-14 barcodes) with a print height of two inches (50mm) and printing speeds of 200ft/minute

(1 meter/second). The alcohol-based, non-toxic AllWriteA5000 dries in less than 10 seconds unassisted and in less than five seconds with air assist (substrate dependent).

The technology provides several key performance and cost-saving benefits over alternative non-porous options such as labels and wax-based printing. Unlike wax-based print which can smear during production or when overheated during shipping or storage, the 384JetNP provides durable, quality print. Cost savings are generated by eliminating the need for labels. Nonporous inkjet printing costs as much as five times less than labels.

“The 384JetNP offers considerable cost saving opportunities for those needing to display information on non-porous packaging,” explained Steve Liker, Business Manager at Trident. “Brands using coated-corrugated can print directly onto packaging eliminating the need for expensive labels. At the same time, shrink wrapped tray packs are growing in popularity as they allow brands to save expense on pricey corrugated materials. The 384Jet technology allows users to print information in a durable way directly onto the shrink wrap film.”

Further cost savings are generated by the stainless steel construction and repairable design of the 384JetNP printhead. The 384JetNP features a rugged, industrial design with features like stainless steel construction and patented shock resistance designed to maximize life even in challenging industrial environments. The durability of Trident printheads reduces production downtime and can lead to long-term savings on printhead replacement costs when compared to “disposable” printheads that feature less durable materials.

The 384JetNP also features a repairable design. It is no longer necessary to purchase a replacement printhead every time harsh factory environments damage printhead performance. The 384JetNP can be disassembled, fixed and put back to work, resulting in extended printhead life and significant savings on replacement parts.

The 384JetNP has already been incorporated into printing systems from some of the world´s leading OEMs including Diagraph (, Weber Marking Systems (, Zanasi ( and REA Elektronik (

The technology was formally announced at Interpack 2011 (May 12-18, Dusseldorf, Germany). Show visitors can learn more about package printing systems that feature the new 384JetNP printhead by visiting the booths of Weber Marking Systems (Hall 04 – D55), Zanasi (Hall 06 – B40), and REA Elektronik GmbH (Hall 11 – F32).
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