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(August, 2012) Connecticut, USA.  – Trident Industrial Inkjet announces its achievement of the prestigious GS1 Standards Solution Certification for demonstrated reliability of in inkjet printing of high-quality bar codes.


GS1 (Global Standards 1) is a neutral, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world and the organization has over 2 million members globally and member organizations in over 100 countries.


In becoming a GS1 Certified Solution Provider Trident has proven its detailed understanding of GS1 bar code quality requirements and has undergone rigorous tests to demonstrate that their impulse ink jet technology can produce high-quality symbols at high-speeds and in line with GS1 General Specifications.


Trident's impulse ink jet printhead employs a piezoelectric crystal that changes shape when an electric field is applied across it. This technology allows Trident to produce high-quality GS1 128 symbols encoded with variable information. The technology can help companies implement GS1 traceable solutions, reduce costs and fulfill customer requirements more efficiently.


In an increasingly regulated and complex world the demand for product information, by way of batch and serial numbers, expiry dates and product codes can be met through the use of bar code technology. Direct printing of bar codes onto outer packaging using digital inkjet printing is the most cost-effective method for printing with up to 10x cost savings compared to labels. However, the demand for more intelligent bar codes, encoding dates and other traceable information has placed constraints and pressures on traditional printing technologies.


"Trident is very proud to have achieved this prestigious GS1 certification,” explained Des O´Neill, European Business Manager at Trident. “We are firmly committed to producing technologies capable of printing consistent, verifiable, readable and cost-effective GS1 bar codes. This certification will enable our OEM partners to deliver complete printing systems, employing Trident printheads and ink, to the end use market secure in the knowledge that these components have met strict GS1 criteria for superior bar code production.”


Commenting on the award, Mike Byrne, CEO GS1 Ireland said: “For GS1, as a neutral organisation, it is very important to have a clearly defined, impartial mechanism for supporting the needs of our members to source GS1 enabled solutions. The GS1 Solution Provider Programme, with its directory of participants and certified providers, is an ideal way to enable members to shortlist prospective suppliers. GS1 Ireland is pleased to recognize Trident as a GS1 Certified Solution Provider.”



About Trident
Trident Industrial Inkjet has been a leading provider of industrial piezoelectric inkjet printheads and inks for 30 years and is a global leader in technologies for package marking and bar coding.  The durable, stainless steel construction of Trident printheads makes them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.


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About GS1 / GS1 Ireland

GS1 provides open standards for unique identification of products and locations, Bar coding/RFID, EDI, Data Quality and Supply Chain Visibility and Security. Established in 1977 to enable the retail grocery sector to introduce point of sale bar code scanning, GS1 standards are now deployed for the efficient and effective operation of supply chain management processes in over 20 different sectors worldwide. GS1 standards support traceable solutions in many global supply chains including food, consumer goods, healthcare, and aerospace.


GS1 Ireland (Global Standards 1 (Ireland) Limited)  is a Member Organisation of  the global GS1 network, the leading organisation dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve efficiency and visibility in supply and demand chains globally and across sectors.


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