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How do I evaluate the jetability of my proprietary fluid in a Trident ink jet printhead?

Trident offers Fluid Evaluation services to enable you to feel confident that your proprietary fluid can be jetted effectively. Trident’s Ink Chemistry department have decades of ink jet ink experience and can also help you in your modifying your fluid to improve jetability. Contact us for more information.

How can I begin to evaluate the capabilities of the Trident printheads?

Trident offers Evaluation Kits of printheads, evaluation drive electronics, User Manual and training to enable you to get started without draining your budget. Contact us for more information.

I buy [XYZ} ink from ...

[a Trident OEM] and I am looking for an alternative source. Does Trident have a cross-reference of Trident-based inks offered by each of your customers?

We do not provide this cross-reference since many of our OEM customers consider this proprietary information. In addition, the ink properties are critical to the proper operation of the printhead and mixing of incompatible inks can damage the printhead, sometimes making it irreparable.

I have a system that uses a specific Trident ink. Can I switch or upgrade to a different Trident ink?

No, not usually. Trident inks are developed, balanced and optimized for each particular type of Trident printhead. The characteristics of the ink are critical to the proper performance including imaging speed, image quality, bar code scanning and printhead longevity. Not only can printhead life and performance be affected with improper ink usage; certain inks are totally incompatible with each other and can permanently damage a printhead if mixed. The one exception to this is Trident's VersaPrint family of inks which include black as well as red, blue and green. A VersaPrint system can switch between colors and Trident provides clear VP Flush solution to ensure a clean switchover between colors. Contact your Trident OEM for VersaPrint Colors, Flush solution and flushing recommendations.

Can I use non-Trident inks in my printhead?

Any ink that is not approved or authorized by Trident for use in Trident-Powered systems is not recommended. The fundamental technical basis for the rapid formation of ink droplets at high speeds is based on sensitive and critical proprietary parameters shared between the printhead and the ink fluids. Even slight changes in such things as ink viscosity or quality of solvent can affect the jetting performance. Poor image quality, reduced jet frequency, printhead dropout and permanent corrosion are all possible side effects. In addition, use of non-approved inks may violate various patents that Trident holds on the inks and the bottle design. Any damage caused by the use of non-approved ink voids Trident's printhead warranty.

How do I become an OEM customer of Trident?

All new OEM customers go through a licensing process that includes a number of steps. First, a Trident salesperson will discuss the application with the prospective OEM and help determine if Trident has a product that could meet their needs. Based on this conversation, if it makes sense for both Trident and the OEM, a Trident inkjet evaluation kit is purchased and the OEM can begin testing and development. Before production quantities can be purchased, a Sales & License agreement is signed which addresses technology and supply issues among others.

Can end-users of Trident-based equipment buy ink, printheads or spare parts directly from Trident?

Trident sells only to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which makes purchasing Trident products easy and fast. We provide them with the ink, piezoelectric ink jet printheads, spare parts and various associated components for the systems you purchase. The OEMs are licensed and trained by Trident in the use and implementation of Trident ink jet technology. The Trident-Powered Partners' (OEMs) distribution network provides access to specifically formulated inks correctly packaged and designed to be compatible with each type of Trident-based printing system.

Trident Industrial Inkjet
Trident 30+ years experience
Trident Industrial Inkjet

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