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Our oldest printhead: still going strong!

Well we have to admit that the inkjet print head shown here isn’t the prettiest we have seen but then again it is one of the oldest!

ATD printheads have a 3 year warranty, however this head was installed in one of our customer’s factories some 11 years ago and after a good clean and refurbish it is now back on line, earning its keep by coding products on a round the clock production schedule.


The long life achieved by this printer is not unusual and is no accident. All ATD print heads incorporate Trident inkjet print engines with stainless steel nozzle plates that can be replaced or refurbished. ATD chose Trident as a technology partner at the outset because they supply the most rugged and reliable engines available and have a proven track record of repeatable quality and long service life.
11 years of regular usage is commonplace for ATD products. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best long-term customer support and we will continue to source the very best quality components to build into all of our systems.
When you invest in an ATD inkjet printer you can be confident you are buying the best possible system for true long-term satisfaction. The ATD three-year print head warranty underlines our commitment.

Trident Industrial Inkjet

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Trident Industrial Inkjet
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